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I am an ACE-certified personal trainer since 2012, worked as a Certified Group Fitness Instructor with Shape Up NYC, working in the field of Social Work for the past 32 years servicing families.  Additionally, my experience as a registered nurse provides me with a sound understanding of  body physiology and how the body functions.  This background assists me in guiding you in your nutrition and weight loss journey.

As your fitness trainer, I will identify your fitness goals, and design an online program with a focus on health and well-being.  Through strength and mobility training that fits your needs, I will lead you through every workout.

My experience and holistic approach to health and fitness will hopefully inspire you to join me.  This is going to be a life-changing, mind, and body journey of you creating new habits that will lead to a healthy and more balanced life.

What are you waiting for? Let's Glo!!! ​ 

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